The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter One: Prologue


The Founding Master said, “Now, what we need to learn, and what we need to teach our followers, is the Way and virtue of the Buddha. You must first study the main principle of the buddhadharma, and practice eagerly to awaken to its truth. I realized the truth of the buddhadharma long ago, but thus far, I only concentrated on arousing your faith and taught you unsystematically, in accordance only with each person’s level, regardless of the truth or falsity, rightness or wrongness, of the dharma. This was because your level of understanding was not yet adequate to decipher that truth. I also feared that teaching the buddhadharma would not be respected in this un-enlightened age, in our country, Buddhism has been treated contemptuously for several hundred years and people have tended to show little reverence for whatever is associated with Buddhism. But now we musk take the buddhadharma as our core principle if we wish to guide all sentient beings to the two roads of wisdom and merit by discovering the fundamental truth and accomplishing essential practice. Moreover, Buddhism will become the major religion of the world. The buddhadharma of the future, however, will not be the buddhadharma of institutions like those of the past; rather, it will be a buddaharma that will allow everyone to prac-tice without leaving the occupations of scholars, farmers, artisans, or merchants, and regardless of whether one has left the household life or not. In worshiping the buddhas, we will not limit ourselves to paying homage only to buddha images, but will realize that the myriad things of the universe and the dharma-realm of empty space are all buddhas, so that there will be no distinction between our work and our practice. Thus, if we handle worldly affairs well, we will be persons who practice the buddhadharma well, and if we practice the buddhadharma well, we will also be persons who handle worldly affairs well. Furthermore, as for the method of making buddha offerings there will not be a separately designated place for them nor will there be any separate buddha: in whatever matter and for whatever reason a person makes a buddha offering, that will make it an offering place and will ensure that a buddha is present. If this can be actualized, there will be no place without a dharma hall or a buddha, and the Buddha’s grace will reach even grasses and trees and his virtue will extend in myriad directions, creating an unimaginable buddha land. Dear disciples! Even over thousands of generations, it would be difficult to meet with such an opportunity, and yet you have fortunately met it; among many who have met it, few can recognize it, and yet you have fortunately recognized this opportune moment and have become the founders of our new order. Do not be discouraged that my words have yet to be verified. If you continue to follow my guidance, you will see the truth of my words in the near future.”