The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


The Founding Master continued, “In today’s world, as material civilization has developed, the knowledge and skills of scholars, farmers, artisans, and merchants have made great advances; the implements of life have become much fancier, and people’s eyes and minds have been seduced by these flashy products. In contrast, the human spirit, which should be making use of those material things, has become so weak that it cannot but be enslaved by the material, rather than the master of it. This is truly a disturbing situation. No matter how good a material thing in this world might be, if the mind that makes use of it is not upright, that thing will instead be abused. No matter how great the knowledge and fine the skill of a person, if the mind that makes use of them is not upright, they will instead be used to harm the public. No matter how good one’s surroundings, if the mind that makes use of them is not upright, they will instead be used to promote transgressive actions. No matter how dazzling all of external civilization under heaven, whether it makes the world better or worse depends solely upon how well the dharma of applying the mind is managed. If we make use of our minds rightly, then all of civilization will become instrumental in helping to construct a paradise; but if we do not, then all of civilization will instead become like supplying weapons to thieves. Therefore, you all must rouse yourselves now, and diligently learn the dharma of using the mind, which is the master of all dharmas. Become the pilot of your own mind, who in thousands of sensory conditions always use everything wholesomely by considering the benefit to both yourself and others. Accordingly, you must exert yourselves in both aspects of the material and the spiritual in order to construct a single truly civilized world, by disseminating to others the method of piloting the mind.”