The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Six: Doubts Clarified


A person asked the Founding Master, “In Eastern cosmology, heaven moves but the earth is stationary; in Western cosmology, heaven is stationary but the earth moves. Since these two statements are contradictory, would you mind adjudicating them for us?” The Founding Master said, “These cosmologies already emerged a long time ago and there have also been many theories proffered. But if I were to state my opinion simply, heaven and earth are originally nondual and whether they are in motion or stationary, they are not different from one another. Therefore, from the perspective of motion, heaven and earth both move; but from the perspective of being stationary, heaven and earth are both stationary. To give an analogy, just as a person’s energy and form are either in motion together or stationary together, so too are the energy of heaven and the foundation of earth in perfect harmony by being mutually connected and by circulating ceaselessly. However, if we are to speak of the principal and the subordinate, energy is principal and the foundation is subordinate, for when energy is active, the foundation must follow. This is in fact an immutable principle throughout all eternity.”