The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Three: Practice


The Founding Master addressed the congregation at a regular dharma meeting: “Today, I am going to tell you how to make money. Listen carefully and try to lead an abundant life. This technique refers not to any specific external skills but to the internal method of using the mind. The dharma of our religion in effect can serve as a technique for making money. Look! Just think how many assets are wasted on liquor, sexual profligacy, and gambling in the ordinary lives of people in the secular world. Just think how many resources are wasted on vanity and ostentation, and how much property is lost through laziness and disrepute. As soon as people who are used to living their lives without clear standards at-tends regular dharma meetings, learn all the dharmas, and carry out even a few of the tasks that they should and shouldn’t do, they will prevent money from needlessly flowing out of their pockets and will accumulate assets earned through prudence and trust. This is the way to make money. Even so, most people presume that there is no relation between practicing and making money, and they say that they cannot practice because they lack money and cannot attend regular dharma meetings because they need to make money. Isn’t this a perverse way of thinking? Therefore, people who understand this principle will gain conviction that they must practice harder because they have no money and that they must attend dharma meetings more regularly in order to make money, and will attain that road which advances together practice and daily living.”