The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Seven: The Principle of the Nature


The Founding Master addressed the congregation at a meditation hall: “Understanding completely the substance of the principle of the nature means knowing how to divide the ‘great’ into the ‘small,’ which are the myriads of phenomena of all shapes and forms in the universe, and knowing how to integrate the various ‘smalls’ extending through every shape and form into the single whole of the ‘great.’ Again, understanding completely the functioning of the principle of the nature means understanding being as nonbeing and nonbeing as being, thereby understanding the truth that all principles under heaven do not change while changing, and change while not changing. There are quite a few people who, while they have attained a general sense of great and nonbeing, have not understood the principles of small and being. How can we say that they have fully awakened to the principle of the nature?”