The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


The person asked again, “To enshrine Il-Won-Sang in order realistically to interpret and teach the sources of transgressions and merits is probably most appropriate for the wise in this intellectually advanced age. However, in any age, inevitably the wise are few and the ignorant many. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial, then, to enshrine an image of the Buddha in order to foster the faith of the ignorant masses?” The Founding Master replied, “I think that once the evidence that the Dharmakāya Buddha, the Fourfold Grace, bestows transgressions and merits on us is explicitly presented, it will be easy even for the ignorant to believe and understand. But for those whose faith cannot be aroused without a buddha image, it will also be good for them to be delivered by going to a place where an image is enshrined. Then, both those who have faith in an image, as well as those who have faith in Il-Won-Sang, can be delivered.”