The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter One: Prologue


The Founding Master began a levee project to reclaim tideland at Killyong-ni and, while supervising the work, he remarked, “Now you nine members, who are not accustomed to such heavy labor, are at the inception of a great religious order that will require you to undergo unusual hardship. But the joy it brings must be just as great, since it is always more meaningful to be an initiator and to carry out a project with your own hard work, rather than to be a mere custodian of something someone else established. The Order we are establishing is the sort of great religious order that was unheard of in the past and will be difficult to witness in the future. In order to establish such an order, we must prepare a dharma that enables a truly civilized world to be realized by advancing both study of the Way and study of science; that lets our practice and activities mutually progress by harmonizing action and rest; that creates harmony and accessibility without hindrances of any kind by incorporating various religious doctrines into a single corpus, as if in a single household. As our aim is to establish such a perfect order, naturally a great deal of work is inevitable.”