The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Thirteen: On the Order


The Founding Master admonished the ordinary ministers, “Those who work at the forefront of edification must be honest and straightforward in giving and receiving material things and must settle public funds accurately and promptly. They must not be enticed by groundless rumors or indulge in talking rashly about the political matters of the time, nor slander other religions or their objects of worship. They must be discreet about our adherents’ faults and, avoiding conceit, must harmonize with all the members of our Order, while shunning also excessive humility that goes against decorum. Be especially cautious about male-female relationships. Publicize others’ merits often, but do not exaggerate your own. Do not let the members’ faith focus on yourself, nor allow their eagerness for work to be limited to their particular district. Also, bearing in mind that a minister is a representative of the prime dharma master in the given district, you will, I hope, fulfill your mission without detriment to that status.”