The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Eight: Buddhahood


The Founding Master, accompanied by Cho Songgwang and Chŏn Ŭmgwang, went for a stroll one day through the outskirts of Namjung Village. By the roadside there were several huge pine trees, which were exceptionally beautiful. Songgwang said, “These pine trees are truly splendid! How I would love to transplant them to our temple!” Upon hearing this, the Founding Master said, “Why can’t you transcend your narrow-mindedness and limited scope? Our temple has not left these old pine trees and these old pine trees have not left our temple; they are both within our boundaries. What is the point of insisting on transplanting them? This is because you have not yet discovered the original home of the grand universe, by transcending discrimination and the gaps between things.” Songgwang asked, “What sort of a place is this original home of the grand universe?” The Founding Master said, “Since you would not understand it even if you were to see it now, I will show it to you by drawing a symbol.” He then traced the Il-Won-Sang on the ground and said, “This is the original home of the grand universe. Within it are included, without exception, infinite arcane principles, infinite treasures, and infinite creative transformation.” Ŭmgwang asked, “What can I do to find my way to this house and become its owner?” The Founding Master said, “One may enter by acquiring the key of the three great powers. That key is forged through belief, zeal, questioning, and dedication.”