The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Ten: Belief and Dedication


Returning from an excursion to the Diamond Mountains, the Founding Master addressed the congregation, “The host of the inn in the Diamond Mountains where I stayed this time was a Christian and, through his unwavering faith, was living a very happy life. I asked him about his background and he told me that in the thirty-odd years of his life of faith, he had experienced many vicissitudes, but that each time he did so, he would thank God for His love when things turned out well, and also thank Him for admonishing him about his faults when things turned out badly. Thus his mind strengthened and his faith deepened each time he was faced with either favorable or unfavorable situations, and he was able to lead a happy life as he is today. You, too, should try to assess the degree of your own faith deep in your hearts. Although that person was still limited to other-powered belief and had not fully comprehended the fundamentals of truth, he was still able to lead such a life. And yet, if you practitioners who develop in tandem both self-powered and other-powered belief were to find yourselves obstructed by the vicissitudes of life, how can we call that right faith and authentic dedication? Since, of the many types of faith, you have come across this consummate and realistic locus of faith, you must constantly check your mind, thereby mastering all situations with your faith and not become a foolish person whose faith wavers according to circumstances.”