The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


The Founding Master said, “Religion and government are just like a family’s loving mother and strict father. Religion is that dharma which, basing itself on the Way and its virtue, teaches the minds of human beings so that people will be prevented from committing transgressions and will accumulate merit. Government is that dharma which, basing itself on laws, examines the results of a matter and then metes out rewards and punishments. If a loving mother fulfills the Way of a loving mother and a strict father fulfills the Way of a strict father, and the parents both illumine their respective Ways, then their sons and daughters will perforce be happy. On the other hand, if the parents do not illumine their respective Ways, then their children will be miserable. Just as their children’s happiness or misery depend on how well or how poorly the parents act, so does all people’s happiness or misery on what we make of religion and government. Isn’t our responsibility great indeed, we who seek to deliver all sentient beings and to cure the world? Thus we must first fully understand our doctrines; then, after understanding them, we must disseminate those doctrines widely throughout the world. Only when all beings are living in a paradise under good governance and virtuous rule that are based on the true Way and its virtue may we say that we have fulfilled our responsibilities.”