The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Nine: Sending on Spirits in Transition


The Founding Master attended an evening dharma meeting and, observing the participants in the congregation one by one under the light of a lantern, said, “The energy that rises from each of you is different. There are those among you who have accumulated much spiritual cultivation, whose turbid energy has completely subsided and who have only perfectly pure energy rising; there are those who have more pure energy and less turbid energy, those who have equal amounts of pure and turbid energy, those who have more turbid and less pure energy, and those who only have turbid energy.” He continued, “The greedier a person is, the more turbid is his or her energy, which prevents it from rising high. When such people complete this life, they will be unable to receive a human body again but instead may be reborn among the animals or insects. On the other hand, if people, though not having much greed, concentrate on knowledge while ignoring inner spiritual cultivation and outward creation of merit and good affinities, their energy, being light, rises easily, but since it lacks weight, such people may be reborn among the asuras or birds. Therefore, if a practitioners awaken to and knows their minds, and, after knowing them, foster the mind purely and practice correctly by discriminating the upright from the perverse, then finally the numinous elixir will form and they will not be swept into the wheel of the six destinies and will be able freely to choose his next body; or he will attain the ability to concentrate on cultivation alone, sloughing off their physical bodies and traveling throughout the dharma realm of empty space via that numinous elixir alone