The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Thirteen: On the Order


A disciple asked, “It is said that, among the transgressors who will receive the retribution of ‘the net of golden silk’ and are reborn as serpents over many lifetimes, there are many more who are degenerate-age practitioners than there are secular people. How is this so?” The Founding Master said, “It is because the transgressive evil of secular people generally affects only oneself or one’s own household, but if practitioners of the Way falsely guide others without having a proper understanding of the right dharma, their fault can become the cause for ruining many future lives of numerous people. Furthermore, an article of clothing or a bowl of rice is a product of the farmer’s blood and the weaver’s sweat, so if practitioners live in idleness without corresponding merit in their enterprise, it is like sucking out the life-blood of others; and if practitioners, even while recognizing their enormous indebtedness to the Fourfold Grace, do not repay that grace, they commit ingratitude to their families, societies, nations, and world. As you listen to my words, some among you may consider them extreme, but actually there is nothing extreme about them. Thus, I hope you reflect on yourselves regularly, so that you will not diverge from your original purpose.”