The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


The Founding Master said, “In the past, the Buddha taught his disciples who had left the household life strictly to refrain from wearing nice clothes, eating fine good food, living in comfortable dwellings, and enjoying worldly pleasures; and if greed for such worldly pleasures were to arise, he urged them to take pleasure only in keeping their minds and bodies calm and tranquil. I, however, teach you to take up appropriate work and pursue it diligently, to enjoy clothing, food, and shelter in due measure, and occasionally to engage in recreation to recuperate from fatigue. In this age when human knowledge has advanced and living standards have improved, how can we disseminate our teachings with only a limited dharma? The perfectly interfused buddhadharma must be applied widely to the individual, family, society, nation, and world. This is the core principle of my dharma.”