The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Six: Doubts Clarified


Cho Wonsŏn asked, “In one of the Tonghak (Eastern Learning) songs, there is a line, ‘Benefit lies in double bows and sinuous lines’ (i chae kunggung ŭrŭl). What does this mean?” The Founding Master said, “There are many diverse interpretations, but if we adhere to their orthography, kunggung (double bows) would be the ultimate nothingness (mugŭk)-that is, the Il-Won-and ŭrŭl (sinuous line) would be the ‘grand ultimate’ (t’aegŭk). Thus, they illuminate the original source of the Way and its power, and the song is saying that there will be many benefits if we advocate such a perfect Way and its power and live without creating rancor anywhere.” The disciple asked again, “It is said, ‘If one constantly sings the kungŭl song, good fortune will follow.’ What does this mean?” The Founding Master said, “While having faith in such a Way and its power, if one continuously recites the name of the Buddha or chants incantations many times, then naturally the one mind will become pure and clear and resentment and malice will melt away in everyone’s minds. Accordingly, heaven and earth, and the dharma realm of empty space, will all become pure and clear, peaceful and harmonious. Since this is what it says, where could there be a better song? Go ahead and sing it a lot.”