The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Four: The Way of Humanity


The Founding Master said, “There is no one who does not wish to do what is good for himself or herself. In this search, however, depending on one’s knowledge and ability, one may follow what is accordant with principle or discordant with principle and what is real or illusory, and thus create differences in one’s success and failure. A person who searches in accord with principle follows the Way in which one does what is good for oneself while doing good for others, thus opening up an infinite paradise; a person who searches in discord with principle harms others while trying to do what is good only for oneself, thus falling into infinite transgressions and suffering. A person who searches in accord with what is real attains the result because one seeks merit and happiness in the relevant places in accordance with principle; a person who searches in accord with what is illusory ultimately does not achieve any result because one seeks all merits and happiness in questionable places of superstition. The reason there are fewer people in the world who search in accord with principle and reality, but more people who search in discord with principle and while relying on what is illusory, is because the right dharma has still not spread widely and the spirit of the whole human race has yet not been equally awakened. The moment the Way of searching in accord with principle and the Way of searching based on what is real become illuminated, then, as at midday when the sun’s radiance shines overhead, everybody, regardless of self and others, them and us, will attain transformation in grace.”