The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Seven: The Principle of the Nature


After listening to Kim Kich’ŏn’s lecture on the principle of the nature at a meditation hall, the Founding Master said, “Today, while I was in that state between sleep and wakefulness, I dreamt that I received a wish-fulfilling gem, which I gave to Samsan [Kim Kich’ŏn]. Receiving it, he swallowed it, and I saw him immediately transfigured, as if he were a wholly different person. Now that I have actually heard Samsan lecture on the principle of the nature, my spirit is refreshed.” He continued, “The dharma cannot be shared with others simply out of your affection for them; only by opening one’s wisdom-eye may one receive the dharma. A dragon must find the wish-fulfilling gem in order to work wonders, but people who are cultivating the Way must see into their natures and train themselves before they can attain spiritual ability.” Mun Chŏnggyu asked, “Since early on, we have respected Chŏngsan. Did he also ‘see the nature’?” The Founding Master said, “Even though you may have simultaneously started to build a large house and a small house, some houses take a month to complete, some a year, some several years. In the same way, Chŏngsan will need a little time.”