The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


The Founding Master addressed the congregation at a Sŏn session’s closing ceremony: “During the three months of this Sŏn retreat, I have taught you the dharma of commanding the wind. Do you understand the meaning of ‘wind’? Typically, southeast and northwest winds blow over heaven and earth, and the wind of the Way and its virtue and the wind of laws blow in the secular world. The Way and its virtue is the southeast wind and laws are the northwest wind. These two winds are the main principles that together regulate our world. The northwest wind is under the charge of officials, who preside over rewards and punishments, and the southeast wind is under the charge of religion, which presides over edification. Thus, you must learn well the method of bringing forth the southeast wind, and practice widely the Way of mu-tual life-giving and reciprocal harmony in heaven and earth. Then, what is the method to make the southeast wind blow? The teachings of all the buddhas and sages since time immemorial, as well as our own doctrines, are the method that makes the southeast wind blow. The var-ious courses you have gone through during this Sŏn re-treat are also training in this method. When you return to your own homes, what kind of wind will you make blow? Just as all living beings that have suffered greatly in the dismal atmosphere of the severe winter revive with the arrival of the gentle breezes of the southeast wind, all those afflicted with fear will attain peace, those afflicted with resentment will feel gratitude, those living in mutual harm will come to enjoy mutual life-giving, those enmeshed in the trap of transgressions will attain liberation, and those who have fallen into degradation will be rehabilitated. Then, how splendid will it be if they find harmony in every place and situation, whether in the family, society, nation, or world? This is the original intent of my teaching and the path on which you should practice. However, the influence of the southeast wind does not occur through mere preaching or verbal explication. You must make it manifest in your actual practice by first having it blow deep in your minds, harmonizing the mind and harmonizing the pneuma. Thus, you must become commanders of the southeast wind wherever you go, by studying and applying widely all the doctrines you have learned during this Sŏn retreat.”