The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter One: Prologue


As a way of edifying in the future all people throughout the world of the ten directions, the Founding Master devised a system of organizing by ‘ten-person units.’ He said, “This dharma is a quick and efficient system for training all people effectively with only a single teacher. Although we will be able to reach many billions of students through this dharma, that effort always needs to be directed only at nine members.” After establishing the first unit of the Order with the nine disciples he had initially chosen, he said, “This unit is organized in accordance with the world of the ten directions: the leader corresponds to heaven, the central member to earth, and the remaining eight members to the eight directions. If we open it up to the larger world, this unit represents the ten directions; if we close it up, the ten directions are contained within this body of a single unit. This is the underlying principle.” The Founding Master was the leader of the unit, Song Kyu the central member, and the remaining members were Yi Chaech’ŏl, Yi Sunsun, Kim Kich’ŏn, Oh Ch’anggŏn, Pak Sech’ŏl, Pak Tongguk, Yu Kŏn, and Kim Kwangsŏn.