The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Seven: The Principle of the Nature


The Founding Master addressed Song Tosŏng at a meditation hall, “Interpret the dharma-transmission verses of the seven buddhas of antiquity.” Tosŏng explained the dharma-transmission verses of each of the seven buddhas of antiquity until he got to that of the seventh buddha, Śākyamuni, which he interpreted as follows: “The dharma is the dharma that is originally based on no-dharma; the dharma of no-dharma is also the dharma. Now, when we entrust that no-dharma, we aim to base the dharma on the dharma, but what dharma is that?” The Founding Master told him, “Stop your interpretation,” and then said, “Originally, there is not one thing that can be called the dharma, but for the benefit of those of inferior spiritual capacity, this one dharma was expounded. However, even that one dharma is also not the true dharma. If you awaken to the true meaning of this verse, you will not need to read thousands of scriptures.”