The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Four: The Way of Humanity


One day, the Founding Master was watching the village children play. Two of the children got into an argument over some trivial item, each claiming it was his. They finally came over to the Founding Master and asked him to resolve the issue by presenting another child as a witness. That child thought it over for a while, but since the whole matter had nothing to do with him, he said that he didn’t know anything about it. After the Founding Master had resolved the matter for them, he remarked to his disciples, “Even little children argue and exert themselves about something that concerns them, but care little about something that doesn’t. So, how can there be many people who, forgetting their own interests, will work hard on others’ behalves? Therefore, people who work for the sake of the public, leaving behind their desire for profit and power, are worthy of the public’s reverence. But then, people whose minds are fully open cannot help but work on the public’s behalf.”