The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Fifteen: Entrusting


A year before his nirvana, the Founding Master often urged his disciples to finish the compilation of The Principal Book of Won-Buddhism, which was in progress. He often stayed up late into the night editing. When the manuscript was completed, he had it sent immediately to the printers, saying to his disciples, “Since time is short, the book may not be perfect at this point, but the broad essentials of my whole life’s aspiration and vision are for the most part expressed in this one volume. Hence, please receive and keep this book so that you may learn through its words, practice with your body, and realize with your mind. Let this dharma be transmitted forever throughout tens of thousands of later generations. In the future, people in the world will recognize this dharma and be greatly impressed, so that there will be countless numbers of people who will respect and revere it.”