The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Five: Cause and Effect


The Founding Master said, “Among the many types of transgressive karma that sentient beings foolishly create, these five are the most terrifying of all: First is to stand before the crowd without knowing the right principles and mislead them. Second is to induce many people to doubt cause and effect, thereby hindering them from creating good karma. Third is to criticize and be jealous of an upright and virtuous person. Fourth is to associate with wicked factions and to lend them strength. Fifth is to interfere with faith in the great Way and the right dharma, thus hindering the development of the Right-Dharma Order. Those who do not stop making these five types of transgressive karma will never know a day free from the three baleful destinies [hell denizens, hungry ghosts, animals].”