The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


Kwangjŏn asked again, “How do we practice faith in Il-Won-Sang?” The Founding Master replied, “Take Il-Won-Sang as the object of faith and, believing in its truth, pursue merit and happiness. If we were to specify the content of Il-Won-Sang, it is in fact the Fourfold Grace; if we were to specify the content of the Fourfold Grace, it is in fact all things in the universe; and there is nothing among the myriad things in heaven and earth or the dharma realm of empty space that is not the buddha. Thus, regardless of time or place, we must never neglect to maintain a respectful state of mind and should treat the myriad things with the same pure mind and pious attitude we have for the venerable Buddha. We should also exert ourselves to make buddha offerings directly to the myriad things themselves and thereby create merit and happiness in a practical manner. In sum, we are prompting people to transform a partial faith into a well-rounded faith and a superstitious faith into a realistic faith.”