The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Twelve: Exemplary Acts


In the ninth year of the Won-Buddhist Era, after Iksan Headquarters was first established, the members invested for a while in taffy-making as the first means of attempting to sustain the poor religious order. The Founding Master always advised his various disciples, “In today’s world, not all people’s minds are regulated, so be sure to lock the front gate and guard your possessions so nothing gets stolen. If we are robbed, not only do we lose our possessions, but we are also letting others commit transgressions. We must be careful.” He even provided them with a lock. However, due to their inexperience, the disciples weren’t careful about taking all the precautions, and one night had all their taffy molds and candy stolen. The disciples could not get over their feelings of shame and anxiety, so the Founding Master said, “Don’t worry! The thief who visited last night was a great teacher for you. You may have believed I was the most respected teacher, yet my warning was not enough to keep you alert. But from now on, even if I say nothing, you will be extra careful. Consider the few things you lost last night as tuition you paid to the teacher.”