The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Five: Cause and Effect


A person asked, “If a person cultivates the Way with a mind of utmost sincerity, can he avoid even fixed karma?” The Founding Master said, “Karma that is already fixed is difficult to avoid all at once, but there is a way to be rid of it gradually. If a practitioner fully understands the principle of change within the six rebirth destinies of rebirth and the four modes of birth and thus does not perform unwholesome deeds but instead performs wholesome deeds daily, then unwholesome paths will recede of their own accord and wholesome paths will come gradually closer. Even were an unwholesome cause and condition to repay its old debt to me, I must respond with the mind of the Way and not think of extracting revenge in return; then, that karma will naturally come to rest. Also, even when receiving an unwholesome result, if, by reflecting on the self-nature in which transgressive karma is utterly void, you keep resolving all karmic affinities with the thought of getting rid of your old debts, then, in that state of mind, thousands of transgressions and sufferings will melt away like snow on a hot stove. All of these are ways to eliminate fixed karma with one’s mind. Again, when I have cultivated the Way well, I will always be walking on the path of progression through the six rebirth destinies, so that even if I meet with some unwholesome cause and condition, I will receive less retribution because I will be superior and the other inferior; and since I have accumulated merit with the public, no matter what circumstances I might encounter, I shall always receive support from the public, so that the unwholesome cause and condition will not be able to find a gap to invade easily. These are ways to mitigate fixed karma by means of awesome power.”