The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Thirteen: On the Order


A disciple who was in charge of tending a vegetable garden that belonged to the Order happened to catch many grubs. He dried and sold them to traditional Korean medicine pharmacies and was able to receive sizable sums of money. His supervisor at the time reported this incident to the Master and suggested, “Since this income was earned separately from his duties and he is currently in need of new clothing, what if we use the money to make him a new outfit?” The Founding Master said, “Though the money was earned separately from his duties, it was earned while engaging in public duty, so it should be put into the public coffers. Not only that, but even though he did not do it without due reason, if we have new clothing made for him with money that was earned by killing many living creatures, then how could we counteract the retribution?” The Master then used his own funds to have a new outfit made for the disciple and said, “Use that money in an outstanding public project that would benefit many people, so that it does not become a transgression for him.”