The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Eight: Buddhahood


The Founding Master said, “If people who cook or tailor well have the right materials, they can make whatever they want or mend whatever may be defective. So too, a great person of the Way who has penetrated into all dharmas can manipulate the myriad dharmas in order to create a new one or to rectify an old one, but a person of the Way of lesser caliber may utilize or transmit dharmas that already exist but does not have the competence to create new ones or to rectify old ones.” A disciple asked, “Which dharma status do we need to reach in order to acquire such ability?” The Founding Master said, “One will have to be a person of the Way of at least the rank of beyond the household. For such persons of the Way, the activity of their six sense organs all manifest as the dharma, thus becoming models for tens of thousands of generations.”