The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Fourteen: Prospects


Ch’oe Tohwa asked, “In this world there are many people who yearn for the advent of Maitreya Buddha and the establishment of his order of the Dragon-Flower. What kind of Buddha is Maitreya, and what kind of order is the Dragon-Flower Order?” The Founding Master said, “‘Maitreya Buddha’ refers to the wide manifestation of the truth of the Dharmakāya Buddha. The Dragon-Flower Order means that this world becomes greatly radiant. That is, the gist of ‘Everywhere a buddha image, every act a buddha offering’ will be widely practiced.” Chang Chŏkcho asked, “When will such a world come about?” The Founding Master said, “It is gradually developing even now.” Chŏng Sewol asked, “But even so, wouldn’t there be a first master?” The Founding Master said, “Whoever awakens to the truth bit by bit will become one of the masters.”