The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Four: The Way of Humanity


The Founding Master, at a commemoration ceremony for those of "the rank of bestower" (hŭisawi), that is, parents of those who took the vows of the Won-Buddhist order, said, “In our order, for the purpose of honoring the merit of those parents who have raised and contributed their precious children to help establish our order, we commemorate them with the honorific title ‘bestower.’ Human sentiment in the secular world of both past and present is mostly filled with selfishness, so there are extremely few who benefit others in the three aspects of spirit, body, and material goods. As parents, they also often are preoccupied with the idea of depending on their children and, even if a child has extraordinary talent, the parent unfortunately confines the child within a single household for its entire life. The ‘bestowers’ transcended such thoughts early on and, disregarding their own glory or comfort, they have donated their precious children for this great global enterprise. This is an example of compassionate bodhisattva practice. We should forever cherish the spirit and merit of all the ‘bestowers’ and, by honoring their intent, should become true human beings who always consider the greater public wherever we go.”