The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Fourteen: Prospects


On an anniversary of the Order’s founding, the Founding Master addressed the congregation, “We have a great treasure-the Diamond Mountains. This nation will certainly become known because of the Diamond Mountains and the Diamond Mountains will shine ever more brightly because of its hosts. With inseparable affinities connecting this nation, the Diamond Mountains, and its hosts, we will together be the light of the world. Thus, do not be pessimistic about our current situation, but accumulate merit so that when the world comes seeking the true hosts of the Diamond Mountains, you will have the right qualifications. The hosts of the Diamond Mountains must develop personalities that are equal to that of the Diamond Mountains. If you polish and brighten them, their luster will appear. If you intend to become like the Diamond Mountains, you must be pristine and guileless like the mountains so that you do not lose your own originally pure face. Being dignified like the Diamond Mountains, concentrate on your own fundamental duties; being firm like the Diamond Mountains, do not let your belief and dedication or your will waver. In that way, the mountain becomes the substance and the person becomes the function. The substance is stationary while the function is active. Thus the mountain stays still and becomes the substance; but the person must use it well if he is to become its function. You must continually study the unsurpassed, great path of the Buddha, and just as the Diamond Mountains stand out among all the other mountains in the world, so too will you then be warmly received by others, while making our Order exemplary among all other orders. If so, our natural surroundings and our people will together shine with brilliant radiance.”