The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Seven: The Principle of the Nature


A disciple asked, “We speak of ‘seeing the nature and achieving buddhahood.’ Is just seeing the nature enough to immediately achieve buddhahood?” The Founding Master said, “Depending on one’s spiritual capacity, there are people who achieve buddhahood instantaneously upon seeing the nature, but that is rare. For the most part, the effort required to achieve buddhahood is a lot greater than that required to see the nature. In the past, however, people’s intelligence was dull and they called someone a ‘person of the Way’ if that person had simply seen the nature. But in the coming age, one will not be called a person of the Way just by seeing the nature. Most practitioners will come easily to see their natures early on while living at home, and they will seek out a great teacher so they may work hard at achieving buddhahood.”