The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Twelve: Exemplary Acts


Once, while the Founding Master was traveling by boat from Pŏpsŏng to Pongnae hermitage in Puan, there unexpectedly occurred a severe storm that violently rocked the boat. The seamen and passengers were all distraught, some crying, some vomiting, some collapsing, which created much havoc on the boat. But the Founding Master, with a calm and serious demeanor, said, “Even when a person is confronted with death, if you collect yourself and repent from the transgressions you made in the past and promise to perform good karma in the future, you may draw on heaven’s power to open up the path to life. Pull yourselves together!” Trusting in the Founding Master’s inspiring virtue, all the people on the boat tried hard to calm their minds. Shortly afterwards, as the wind gradually died down and the waves subsided, people could not but revere the Founding Master’s imperturbable composure and his compassionate and luminous presence.