The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Fourteen: Prospects


The Founding Master continued, “Even now, there are employment agencies in big cities, but in the coming era a great many more will open up everywhere, providing greater convenience to those seeking jobs. What is more, there will be matchmaking services, and those who wish to marry will seek out those agencies. Daycare centers will appear everywhere, so that mothers can go to their jobs without worrying about their children. Senior citizens who have no one to rely on will be taken care of in old-age homes built by governments, public organizations, or philanthropists, so that they can live the remainder of their lives peacefully, without any real worries. It is inconvenient now to try to live in the remote countryside, but in the future there will be all kinds of facilities providing unlimited conveniences even in the remotest countryside. There will also be cheap restaurants; hence, people will be able to enjoy convenient meals that suit their living standards without having to cook every meal at home. Many clothing stores and laundries will open, so those who are busy will not have problems finding clothes or having them laundered.”