The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Four: The Way of Humanity


The Founding Master said, “To create an exemplary household, first all members of the family should have a religion that is worthy of common faith and should constantly develop a new life with a new spirit. Second, the head of the household should possess sufficient dignity, wisdom, and force of practical example to be worthy of mentoring all members of the family. Third, the head of the household must focus on educating the members of the family by whatever means possible, but must initially learn much and experience much in oder to become a mirror for the entire household. Fourth, all the members of the family must not live idly but should try to save up even a little by establishing a budget and balancing daily income and expenditures. Fifth, find employment but be discriminating in choosing an occupation, avoiding jobs that require killing living creatures or paralyzing others’ spirits, and do not abuse the power of position to threaten others’ lives and property or to cause them grief. Sixth, as far as possible, even spouses should remain financially independent, endeavoring together to build a prosperous household and a prosperous society and nation. Seventh, faithfully fulfill one’s duties and responsibilities toward the nation and society, and, in particular, cooperate as best one can with those organizations that protect people who lack self-power, as well as organizations devoted to education and edification. Eighth, instruct your children in both study of the sciences and study of the Way and, after they have finished their schooling, make sure that for a significant period of time they serve the nation, society, or the religious order. Ninth, when bestowing inheritance on one’s children, give them about enough to make a start in life but donate the rest to the public interest organizations of the nation, society, or the religious order. Tenth, in order to cultivate body and mind while living in complicated human society, foster new energy by taking appropriate breaks a few times every month or every year.”