The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Thirteen: On the Order


The Founding Master asked, “In order to encourage the ordained devotees to focus their energies only on public service and not to become enticed by the affairs of their own households, what if we create a system to have the Order support those ordained devotees whose households are poor?” Chŏn Ŭmgwang replied, “I believe we should definitely establish such a system in the future.” The Founding Master asked again, “While we have not yet established such a system, if an ordained devotee’s private household is in dire straits and needs support, what should we do?” Sŏ Taewon replied, “In the case of an ordinary member, we should allow the person enough time to leave and take care of his or her own household before returning to the job. If it is an important member, with the approval of the relevant committee, it would be good to find a way to have the Order support his or her household, if only on a temporary basis.” The Master asked again, “When such a system is put in place in the future, what should we do if too many members seek support?” Yu Hŏil replied, “To prevent such abuse, there should be a department established within the Order that will advise and protect the private households of ordained devotees.” The Founding Master said, “All three of your suggestions are good. In the future, you may try gradually to put in place and employ such a system. Although the Order’s present circumstances will not yet allow us to establish such a system, we should make sure that, even if we have to limit the number of eligible departments, no active ordained devotees are distracted by private household matters.”