The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Three: Practice


He continued, “If practitioners wish to diagnose their illnesses of the mind and cure them, then they must first know how to do it. First, just as a patients with a physical illness must reveal their symptoms to their physician without hiding anything, you must also honestly reveal the symptoms of your mind’s illnesses to your mentor. Second, just as patients with a physical illness must comply with all of their doctor’s instructions, you too absolutely must comply with the teachings of your mentor. Third, just as patients with a physical illness must not neglect making sincere effort until that illness is completely cured, you too must try with utmost sincerity to cure your mind’s illnesses until the cure is complete. If in this wise you carry through conscientiously, you will finally recover the mind’s complete health, and at the same time gain the ability to treat and cure the multitudes who are suffering from illnesses of the mind. You then will accomplish the great enterprise of delivering sentient beings and curing the world.”