The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Fourteen: Prospects


The Founding Master continued, “The people in the coming era will create wonderful parks by planting various trees and plants on the pleasant summits of tall mountains, creating ponds for fish farming with exotic rocks and old trees nicely arranged around them. They will build houses by digging into the ground, which will take in sunlight in the daytime and use electric lights at night. Apart from this, those people will go on living splendid lives, lacking nothing. When they step out of their houses and look around, they will see forests full of trees. When they climb above the forests, they will have views of various kinds of birds and insects singing and dancing amid flourishing blooms of beautiful flowers and plants. In this country, too, in such famous mountains as the Diamond Mountains and Chiri Mountain, as well as in places like Kusu Mountain, only people with great power will be able to build homes and live. Otherwise, people will create man-made mountains where they can build their homes. In construction, they will use natural stone when building their homes, unlike people nowadays who prefer synthetic materials. In this and other ways, people generally will love natural beauty and seek it out.”