The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Two: Doctrine


Kim Yŏngsin asked, “Are there other methods of buddha offerings besides making a pragmatic buddha offering to the specific object of the Fourfold Grace?” The Founding Master replied, “There are two methods of making buddha offerings. One is the pragmatic buddha offering that is offered directly to the specific object of the Fourfold Grace. The second is the buddha offering to Truth, which is made to the Dharmakāya Buddha via the formless dharma realm of empty space. You must apply appropriately these two types of buddha offerings according to the proper time, place, and situation. If you continue exerting sincere effort until you are successful, there will be no wishes that are not fulfilled sooner or later.” She asked again, “How does one make a buddha offering to Truth?” The Founding Master answered, “After cleansing your body and mind and making a vow before the Dharmakāya Buddha, remove all distracting thoughts and single-mindedly offer up your sincerity by either entering samādhi, reciting the Buddha’s name, chanting a sūtra, or intoning a mantra, and so forth. Then, you will ultimately fulfill your vow and, at the same time, that awesome power will appear and you will attain the ability to deliver sentient beings who have fallen into unwholesome destinies and to subdue hundreds and thousands of evil Māras. For this to occur, however, every bone in your body must ache with the effort and your sin-cerity must pierce heaven itself.”