The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter One: Prologue


Only a few months after the Founding Master began edification, he already had more than forty followers, from whom he chose nine people with exceptional faith and sincerity to be exemplary disciples for his newly established order. He said to them, “Human beings are the masters of the myriad things; the myriad things are for use by human beings. The Way of humanity is grounded on benevolence and righteousness; deceit and cun-ning are extraneous. It is then only proper that the human spirit should be able to control the myriad things and establish in the world the great Way of benev-olence and righteousness. Lately, however, benevolence and righteousness have lost their status and deceit is ram-pant, causing the great Way to become utterly confused. Now is the time for us first to join our hearts together and act in concert in order to rectify the ways of the world and the human mind, which are declining day by day. You must well understand this mission to become the masters in the foundation of a great religious order in an everlasting world.”