The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Twelve: Exemplary Acts


The Founding Master’s wife, Yang Haun, underwent all kinds of hardship to manage the Master's private household affairs entirely by herself until he established the new order; and even afterwards, she would perform hard physical labor toiling in the fields and rice paddies. The ordinary adherents were embarrassed and were talking about collecting donations from throughout the Order to ease her burden. Hearing of this, the Founding Master said, “This may be good decorum, but you should desist. In establishing a new religious order as great as ours, how can she impose on the followers, even though she has not been able to take the lead as a major founder of the new establishment? It would be a different story if she were unable to support herself. But if she can be self-supporting, that would be an honorable and happy life.”