The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Nine: Sending on Spirits in Transition


When Kim Kwangsŏn entered nirvana, the Founding Master, shedding tears, addressed the congregation, “P’alsan and I formed an indescribable affection for one another while sharing joy and suffering together for over twenty years. Though his dharma body is not subject to arising or ceasing, flourishing or decay, we will never again be able to see his countenance as far as his physical body is concerned. Isn’t this regrettable? For P’alsan’s spirit, I will now expound the dharma on birth and death, coming and going, and on the extinction of karmic retribution. In the spirit of comforting P’alsan, listen to this dharma even more intently. If, after hearing my teaching, you awaken, this will be beneficial not only to you but also to P’alsan.
“In the teachings of the Buddha of the past, he says that, if one attains the great Way that is free from birth and death, coming and going, and practices accordingly, the karmic retributions accumulated over many lives will be extinguished. The method of extinguishing them is as follows. If someone causes you suffering or loss, do not resent or hate that person deep in your heart. Instead, consider it a repayment of your past debt to that person, settle your mind, and do not confront him. When your turn comes to retaliate, just let it go, and then that karma will come to rest. Also, by knowing that realm in which birth and death, coming and going, as well as suffering and happiness, are all empty, let your mind rest there. In that realm, there will be neither birth and death nor karmic retributions. When you arrive at that state, you may say that the karmic retributions of birth and death are completely extinguished.”