The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Six: Doubts Clarified


Ch’oe Suinhwa, whose family had been Tonghak adherents for many generations, by some chance had a spiritual inspiration and entered the Order. One day, she asked the Founding Master, “When I had faith in Tonghak, I always believed in and waited for the rebirth of Master Suun [Tonghak’s founder]. When I first met you, Great Master, it was exactly as if I were meeting that Master, so that my feelings toward you have deepened still further and I cannot restrain my delight.” The Founding Master smiled and said, “Great sages like him can freely and autonomously control the comings and goings of their minds and bodies. According to their agenda, they may be reborn again in the country in which they were born before or anywhere in the East or West, without the slightest restriction. In the past as well, many of the greatest persons of the Way were born in this country, but in the future, too, many of the greatest persons of the Way from all four quarters will gather here and establish a religious and moral order without parallel in the past or future. Thus, when you believe in me, have faith on account of my Way and its power, not faith that derives from a mind that is dependent.”