The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Eight: Buddhahood


The Founding Master said, “‘Great loving-kindness’ means that, if an innocent child is healthy and robust, giving no trouble to its parents, and if its temperament is gentle and its speech and behavior well mannered, it will arouse much happiness and adoring thoughts in its parents’ minds so that they will love it even more. In the same way, when the Buddha observes all sentient beings, if he sees people whose temperaments are gentle, who are loyal to there countries, filial to their parents, affectionate to their siblings, respectful to their teachers, and harmonious with their neighbors, who help the poor and relieve the sick, who practice the great Way and are making progress toward the wisdom of prajñā, who remain free of thought in their applications, and thus accumulate merit that is free from the contaminants (anāsrava), then, overjoyed, he so loves those persons that he would guide them even more toward the wholesome path. ‘Great compassion’ means that, if parents see their blundering child hurt itself by poking its eye with its own finger or injure its hand by grabbing the sharp edge of a knife, and cry and throw a tantrum without knowing why, the parents would then feel such pity and sympathy in their minds that they would want to protect and guide the child even more. In the same way, when the Buddha sees all sentient beings become attached to greed, hatred, and delusion, and thereby bring suffering to their minds and injury to their bodies, creating the causes that could make them fall into baleful destinies where they would receive retribution accordingly-and yet they instead blame their punishments on heaven, earth, ancestral spirits, fellow beings, and laws-he then feels extremely sad and feels great pity toward them and tries to guide them with millions of expedients. Such is the Buddha’s great loving-kindness and great compassion. But sentient beings do not realize his grace even though they all live amid his great loving-kindness and great compassion. However, he does not mind their ingratitude, but merely devotes himself to the work of delivering sentient beings over thousands and tens of thousands of kalpas [eons]. Therefore, the Buddha is the great teacher of the Way throughout the triple world and the compassionate father of the four modes of birth.”