The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Six: Doubts Clarified


Taewon asked again, “In the teachings of the Buddha of the past, he refers to the world systems of the trichiliocosm. Does this really exist?” The Founding Master said, “It does. However, the world systems of the trichiliocosm are not things established apart from this world, but refer instead to various kinds of worlds that exist separately within this very world. If you were to count them all, even the world systems of the trichiliocosm would not be enough.” He asked again, “In the contemporary field of astronomy, they also say that in this universe there are many other larger worlds beyond the world in which we live. What do you think about this?” The Founding Master said, “The words of the Buddha will be interpreted differently according to the understanding of the interpreter. Contemporary theories also are divergent, but in the near future, a great scholar who has seen his nature will authenticate my words. Do not doubt my words if you are someone who has faith in me.”