The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Three: Practice


The Founding Master said, “In the same way that tests are given in schools at the end of each academic term or year, so do practitioners of the Way have various tests involving favorable and adverse conditions as their dharma rank rises or as they are about to ascend to the stage of the buddhahood. When the Buddha was about to attain the Way, it is said that he was attacked by Pāpiyān, the king of the Māras, who was leading the 84,000 minions of Māra. Practitioners in later generations have had similar experiences. As I now look at you, there are some among you who are being tested and are waging an uphill battle, others who are being defeated and losing their chance at eternal life, and others still who have passed the test with good results and now have a boundless road ahead of them. I hope each of you will examine your own level and make sure that you do not fail the test.”