The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Nine: Sending on Spirits in Transition


The Founding Master said, “One morning I was looking from Yŏnggwang toward the Pyŏnsan area of Puan and saw a pure aura that had formed high up in the sky. Afterwards, I went over there and saw that an assembly of practitioners had gathered at Wolmyŏng Hermitage to start Sŏn meditation. Ultimately, when you collect your spirit and clear your mind, turbid energy gradually subsides, and numinous, pure energy ascends into the highest heaven, so that the triple world in the ten directions will manifest amid that clear and all-encompassing energy, and the six rebirth destinies and the four modes of birth will be enwrapped in that pure dharma energy, all receiving guidance and deliverance.”