The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Thirteen: On the Order


The Founding Master said, “Though there are many roads by which to help found this order, there are eleven categories that are absolutely essential. These will all serve in the future as standards for assessing the contributions to this foundation. First is devoting one’s spirit and body completely to the Order by becoming an ordained devotee. Second is donating substantial material goods. Third is consistency from start to finish after entering the Order. Fourth is doing a lot of annotating and commenting on the scriptures and recording the dharma talks. Fifth is keeping the regulations and the precepts well. Sixth is making the minds of colleagues joyous by all means possible so that they will progress in their practice and their undertakings. Seventh is focusing solely on the establishment of this order by all means possible. Eighth is advocating a public spirit. Ninth is being free of thought in one’s applications. Tenth is rectifying oneself after entering our Order as a person notorious for evil deeds, thus becoming a paragon for all people and naturally admonishing and encouraging others. Eleventh is for a person famous in whatever way to enter our Order, thus encouraging all others and displaying the true status of this order.”