The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Four: The Way of Humanity


While he was staying at Pongnae Hermitage, the Founding Master heard the news of his mother’s grave illness and hurriedly left for his parental home in Yŏnggwang. While nursing his sick mother, he said to his younger brother, Tongguk, “As someone who elucidates the Way and its power, how could I neglect my mother’s illness? However, the reason my present situation has prevented me from nursing our mother as much as I would wish is, as you well know, because there are already a large number of people who want to follow and learn from me. If I do not take care of them myself, there will be obstacles along their roads ahead, and all the work I have done so far will also face serious impediments. Thus, you must devotedly nurse our mother in my stead. If you do so, my fault of unfiliality may be even slightly absolved and you will also be recognized as a great founder of this religious enterprise.” In addition, he consoled his mother, “The birth and death of humankind depends on the mandate of heaven. Mother, settle your mind and always abide in the genuine realm of the one mind, which is pure and clear.” Having said this, he resolutely left his home, returned to the hermitage, and devoted himself to his work of delivering people.