The Scripture of the Fo...


The Scripture of the Founding Master

Chapter Eight: Buddhahood


After closing a winter Sŏn-retreat, the Founding Master walked over to Pongsŏ Temple together with several of his disciples. While they were on their way, one disciple lamented, “Because we have no money, we have to make you walk along the road. What a shame!” Upon hearing this, the Founding Master said, “Whoever in this world uses their six sense organs well will find all dharmas working their effects accordingly and their money too will also increase. Therefore, everyone’s minds and bodies are organs for making money, and depending on how one uses all the things of this world, they can all turn into his money. So why do you lament not having money? However, the fundamental duty of us practitioners of the Way is to develop our lives without being attached to money, and being settled in mind regardless of whether we have money or not. Such people are truly wealthy.”